It all started on my 11th birthday

When my father gave me my first camera. It was one of those with 24 exposures on a roll, and you had to wind between taking each picture.
After trip to local shop to get the film developed, I’d always have the nervous excitement of seeing how well my photos came out or didn’t come out at all…

This excitement was soon surpassed as other distractions came along – friends, girls, gadgets, university and the mother of all distractions, the INTERNET! But now I’m a little older and wiser, I’ve realized what I’d long forgotten; the pure joy of taking photographs and the beauty of capturing special moments that will become treasured memories.

In 2010, I bought my first consumer-level DSLR. I began to really explore my surroundings, looking at things differently as I experimented with tips and tricks to get that ‘perfect’ shot. I’ve lived in London all my life, but it’s only when I’m armed with my camera and flashgun that I really appreciate the unique architecture and famous locations on my doorstep.

When I’m not taking photographs, I’m a recovering gaming addict, visit car shows, listening to anything from RnB to classical or poring over new technology and gadget websites. I’m also fortunate enough to be married to the beautiful and talented Melyssa, who shares my passion for photography and created this awesome website.