Boudoir Photography Anyone?

August 17, 2015   |   Photoshoot   |   by Homan

The last couple of months I’ve been pretty busy with planning shoots.  From discussing ideas around themed shoots with a few models, to finally set dates and times for the various photoshoots. This was something new to me but the whole thing came to me so naturally. Straight from collaborating on ideas through to shooting. I found working with Brunutty, Jodie and Artemis on separate occasions a great experience. Not only were they friendly, bubbly and professional but the build up to the shoot, sharing ideas and communicating was excellent. We were bouncing ideas and I got really good vibes.

All of the shoots took place in a short period of time (I’m still in the process of editing all the sets). But I wanted to share a few that I have so far. I hope you like the photos, I’ll have more to come!